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Delivery Dancer's Sphere

딜리버리 댄서의 구

dir. Ayoung Kim

short film, fiction, experimental, sci-fi
South Korea / Korean / 25 minutes / 2023


Ernst Mo works for courier service Delivery Dancer. Every day, she transports an endless stream of parcels, following algorithmically generated routes through a labyrinthine Seoul. After she runs into an alternative version of herself, her reality slowly starts to crack – with all the attendant consequences.

Written and directed by Ayoung Kim

Production : Seesaw Pictures - Heejung Oh

Cinematography : Park Seyoung

Sound : Đ.K (aka Dang Khoa Chau)

Editing : Lee Hyunji, Ayoung Kim, Yu Chae

Cast Jang Seo-kyung

Press kit

Artist's bio

Ayoung KIM (South Korea) is a visual artist as well as a filmmaker. Kim adopts the devices of speculative storytelling to evoke unfamiliar forms of reading, listening and thinking about the conditions of the world by focusing on unlikely encounters of ideas. Her projects take the forms of video, sonic fiction, VR, text, performance and game simulation and are presented as exhibitions, performances and publications. Kim exhibited and screened at Venice Biennale (2015); Palais de Tokyo (2016); Korea Artist Prize (2019); Sharjah Film Platform (2019, 2020); Berlinale (2020); Asian Art Biennial (2021); Videobrasil (2021) and Sharjah Biennial (2023).

Festivals & screenings

World premiere : IFFR 2023 - Tiger Shorts Competition, NL

BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, NO

CPH:DOX - Artists & Auteurs, DK

Videoex - International Competition, CH

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, KR

Art Basel Film Programme, CH

Image Forum Film Festival, JP

BLON Animation and Games festival, LT

Ars Electronica, AT

VAFT x Helsinki IFF collaborative screening, FI

Singapore International Film Festival, SG

Filmfest Dresden, DE

MoMA Modern Mondays - 'An Evening with Ayoung Kim', US


Gallery Hyundai Seoul- Syntax and Sorcery, solo show, KR

Frieze London 2023 - 'Artist-to-Artist': Ayoung Kim proposed by Haegue Yang, UK

PYLON-Lab, Dresden - LUCID ECHOES: featuring Shu Lea Cheang and Ayoung Kim, DE




Prix Ars Electronica - Golden Nica Award - 'New Animation Art'

Terayama Shūji Prize - Image Forum Film Festival


Ars Electronica - Interview with Ayoung Kim

Asian Movie Pulse - Review

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