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Wake for a Horse

dir. Célia Hay
39 minutes / France / 2023

A diptych, dream-like tale of sisterhood, paganism and mourning shot on Super 8 and 4K. A contemporary twist on acid westerns, featuring an original hypnotic score by Kali Malone.

A wanderer poetess announces the death of a horse. Two sisters living secluded in a desert begin to prepare a mourning ritual. Following a mysterious tradition, they work to create a “jar of sorrows”. Sisterhood evolves through a journey of loss.

Written and directed by Célia Hay

Production : Samantha Steele

Cinematography : Célia Hay

Assistant Director : Bradley King

Editing : Célia Hay

Music : Kali Malone

Musicians : Kali Malone, Stephen O’Malley, Lucy Railton

Cast Laurette Hay, Nairi Mila, Alisha Sofia

Exhibitions and screenings
Microwave New Media Arts Festival 2023, HK

Artist's bio
Célia Hay is a French visual artist based in Dallas where she is currently doing a PhD in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Texas. She holds an MA in Photography from Central Saint Martins (2016).
Her work mixing film, photography and installation depicts isolated social misfits wandering, on their journey to mysterious existential quests. Characters who have left the world to carry out uncanny and rebellious gestures of intimacy which are theirs only, and invent new ways to love and to exist. Themes of mourning, sisterhood, rituals and how the loss of words can establish bonds in ways that defy societal rules, are at the core of her practice.
Her work has been supported by Channel 4 Random Acts, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London, Arts Council England, Dazed Magazine, etc, internationally shown at BAFTA qualifying London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, FIDMarseille, etc, and exhibitions at ICA London, Fondation Fiminco (Paris), Kyoto Art Center, Collection Lambert (Avignon), BétonSalon (Paris), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Art-o-rama art fair (Marseille).

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