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Цlумихъ I Tsumikh (Avar language)

a film by Taus Makhacheva
hybrid, experimental / Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates / 50 minutes / 2023


Цlумихъ (Tsumikh) — a plateau in Dagestan — is turned into a stage set that collapses public memorialisation with personal memory of Makhacheva’s late grandfather, a prominent Soviet poet. Among other questions the film asks, who can claim a memory?

A film by Taus Makhacheva

Director : Taus Makhacheva

Co-director: Alexandra Pustynnova

Written by : Taus Makhacheva, Alexandra Pustynnova, Marina Chashnik

Producer : Marina Chashnik, Taus Makhacheva

Line producer: Kristina Cherniavskaia

Screenplay : Taus Makhacheva, Alexandra Pustynnova, Zakir Magomedov, Natalya Leontieva

CinematographyVeronika Solovyova

Sound : Alexander Khokhlov

Editing : Tanya Vetrova, Alexandra Pustynnova, Vadim Elichev

Production Design : Fedor Krotkov, Maria Plavinskaya, Sasha Kovaleva

Costume design : Panika Derevya

Featuring : Anna Abalikhina / Aishat Patakhova / Shamil Akhmed / Taus Makhacheva / Nurmagomed Nurmagomedov / Ibragim Murtazaliev

Sharjah Art Foundation Production Grant

Artist's bio

Taus Makhacheva (b.1983 Moscow) creates works that explore the restless connections between historical narratives and fictions of cultural authenticity. Makhacheva holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths (2007) and has an MFA from the Royal College of Art (2013).

Selected exhibitions include the Biennial of Difficult Heritage (2021), the Yokohama Triennale (2020), Lahore Biennale (2020), Kaunas Biennial (2019), Lyon Biennale (2019), RIBOCA (2018), Liverpool Biennial (2018), Manifesta (2018), Yinchuan Biennale (2018), Venice Biennale (2017), Garage Triennial (2017), Shanghai Biennale (2016), Kyiv Biennial (2015), Sharjah Biennial (2013) and the Moscow Biennale (2011).

International festivals & screenings

World premiere : Berlinale Forum Expanded, DE - February 2023

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