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Hello, I am Christina Demetriou

Areas of collaboration and expertise also include :


Film curation and programming advice

Consultation from script development to audience engagement and film market positioning

Consultation on festival strategy, advice and planning

Rights clearance, contracts and negotiation for screenings and moving-image programmes

Workshops, filmmaker Q&A’s and educational presentations


To discuss a project or collaboration, please get in touch :

I founded Oyster Films in 2021 out of the desire to elevate innovative and poetic new forms of cinema.


Oyster Films is a Berlin-based sales and distribution agency representing films and hybrid projects between cinema and art. I work closely with filmmakers and producers to understand how their work can be situated in the film market, as well as intersecting art contexts, with an impactful presence.


Aiming to catalyze engaged contexts for boundary-pushing films, I develop individual strategies for international festival distribution, film sales and publicity. Rather than relying on traditional distribution formulas, Oyster Films identifies new models for connecting films to audiences effectively.


Drawing on years of focused work in the arthouse film industry - from sales, market, and festival strategy to press, programming and film curation – I bring together an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its changing landscape with an intuitive understanding of audience engagement. I work with a small, select number of films per year, forming personal and dynamic collaborations.

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