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Company profile:

Established in 2021, Oyster Films is a dynamic world sales agency based in the heart of Berlin. Specialising in the representation of bold, artistically-driven new cinema and artists' films, Oyster Films focuses on a transparent, personal, and individualised approach to film representation.

Oyster Films strategically positions projects to maximise their impact on the international stage. Whether navigating the festival circuit, engaging with the film market, or situating works within art contexts, we ensure a tailored and impactful presence.

Oyster Films offers comprehensive world sales representation for a select number of films each year, ensuring that each film receives the personalised attention it deserves.



The agency was founded by Christina Demetriou, whose experience brings together an in-depth knowledge of the arthouse film industry as well as working closely with artists’ films.

Dedicated to championing visionary directors and innovative new forms of cinema, Christina believes in fostering long-term collaborations that support and elevate a director’s evolving cinematic language. Convinced that exciting new cinema demands a customised and innovative approach to international sales, she runs the agency in response to the ever-evolving landscape of film distribution.

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